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Pay Per Click

PPC (Paid Ads) is a way for us to serve targeted search ads on Google, Bing and Yahoo and display ads on billions of websites that have ad space on their website. This allows you to get huge amounts of high quality traffic and leads in less time.

A plan is sketched out and implemented accordingly, with this your campaign has begun. The plan includes specific important keywords and an exclusive landing page, to which your Pay Per Click (PPC) ads will drive traffic.

In short, PPC gets immediate traffic to your site, can be easily changed as we see a change in results, reused in other campaigns and most importantly, they can be easily vetted by us. We track and adjust the performance of your campaign, including keywords, message, amount spent per click.


Want to increase your sales quickly? Then you have come to the right place. PPC advertising gives you the ability to pay for the top search engine positions and appear instantly on relevant websites. Once the PPC campaigns are set up successfully. Then, our PPC experts continuously monitor and optimize campaigns, which can increase your sales tenfold. Identifying your customers, analyzing their behavior and targeting them appropriately sets us apart from other businesses.

Our PPC (Pay Per Click) process

  • Set up accounts, campaigns and tracking
  • Advanced search for keywords, topics and placements
  • Create amazing ad copies and content according to campaign requirements
  • Bidding and budget management
  • Monitor, analyze and modify configurations for better performance
  • Calculation and optimization of campaign ROI, CPL and ROAS
  • Periodic creation of easy-to-understand reports.

Benefits of a Google PPC advertising / branding campaign

  • Benefits of pay-per-click advertising
  • Effective means of direct marketing for your website.
  • Economical way to increase targeted traffic to your site.
  • High return on investment.
  • Easily monitor your ad performance.
  • Allows you to set the price per click and you only pay for the clicks you receive.
  • Privileged position on the results pages of the main search engines.



Analyze and restructure all existing advertising campaigns to fully optimize your strategy. If you need a brand new campaign, as an experienced PPC agency in Bangalore, we will customize a new strategy to meet your campaign goals from day one.


Develop compelling ad copy as part of your PPC management campaign to help capture leads at every stage of the consumer journey


Transparent monthly reports and analysis throughout your PPC campaign give you insight into your budget spending; you clearly know where and how your money is spent.


Thorough keyword research is essential to ensure that you are seen by the right customers at the right time. We perform in-depth keyword analysis.


Landing pages are pages of websites whose main purpose is to convert visitors into leads. An effective landing page should be of the highest quality, relevant with a clear call to action. Our PPC experts create landing pages that maximize conversions while minimizing costs. Our design team designs high converting landing pages.

PPC audit

Audit of PPC accounts

If you already have a PPC account, our team will audit to find the best strategies, so that every penny spent on search engine marketing produces results and returns.

 Keyword research

Every customer is different and we work on keyword research from scratch to decide on PPC ideas. Our team will find a keyword strategy that works best for your business and increases ROI.

Competition analysis

To make sure people buy products from your store and not from competing sites, this is a step we take. With in-depth competitor analysis, you can understand how your immediate competitors are getting things done and avoid costly mistakes.

Optimization of advertising copy

It’s not just about creating ads, but rather optimizing campaigns to increase conversions and minimize losses. We will also create and manage landing pages for the best user experience.

Bidding optimization

It’s more about tracking ad performance and optimizing bids. Our PPC management services are designed to keep a tab of expenses and we make sure that the budget is always respected.

Management of the PPC campaign

You don’t have to worry about managing and scaling your PPC campaign. Our team will be there to take care of all aspects, and we will expand and optimize your PPC efforts when needed.